Want to become a digital company/accountant?

We have done it before… So we won’t let you make our mistakes, but we will guide you with our blueprint!


If you want to have a successful digital company, it all starts with a good strategy. We want to share our use-case blueprint with you!


A lot of software and tools are out there. We know how to link those tools and make sure you can chose your partners in a strategic way and help to implement them.


In the end it all has to be fun. Yes we need to work digital, but we don't want people to get frustrated by it. So we give the needed support towards your people AND we make sure there is room for networking!

Meet our team!

Finplex is a group of young wolves with only one mission: to help companies and accountants move forward! As a spin-off of a digital data driven company, data and change management are in their DNA.



Celie eats big data for breakfast. She loves improvement management and knows what your company needs before you even realise it.




Glenn has burned every piece of paper on his desk and believes digital is the way to go. In his free time he is also a GDPR expert, who can help you tackle that topic as well.



#Management #guide

Sven is your guide when you want your company to grow, to change and excell in what they do. He is a management expert that loves to give insights in his own experiences.

Contact us!

Contact us!

Glenn Vandamme

+32 472 666 189

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